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  • We enjoy the solid protection of our principal.
  • Solid security and above market returns have helped me compound my wealth.
  • As a busy executive, I looked for a long established track record.
  • I owe it to my family to protect our savings.

Achieve Better Returns With Trust Deed Investments

Investing in trust deeds through ZINC Financial is one of the most secure ways to invest in your future. The first position trust deeds offered by ZINC Financial routinely see annual returns between 11 and 14% and each ZINC trust deed is backed by significant value in the underlying collateral.

ZINC requires each borrower to contribute a significant down payment at closing, creating an alignment of interest between the borrower and the lender. At this time, ZINC maintains a 99.3% on-time performance metric with respect to its current portfolio.

ZINC has originated millions of dollars of "Investor Rehab" first position trust deeds with a loss ratio less than 1/4%. These ratios are not only impressive, but far exceed those offered by traditional investments such as stocks, REITs, and CDs. Additionally, ZINC's investors are in complete control of their own trust deeds, which means they remain fully secured in every transaction.

Whether you're looking for a safe investment for retirement or you're simply trying to find a promising opportunity with low risks and high rewards, trust deed investing is an excellent choice for astute investors.

Partner with an Experienced Company

ZINC Financial is a licensed lender, not a broker. This means that ZINC also invests its own money in the very loans you have an opportunity to invest in, an attribute that distinguishes the company from almost all of its industry counterparts. When you partner with ZINC, you will have the exceptional opportunity to invest in collateral-backed real estate loans. The borrowers who apply for these professionally underwritten loans, which are secured by first deeds of trust, are also investors who utilize the capital available through ZINC Financial to leverage their own wealth and invest in multiple real estate opportunities during this opportunistic economic period.

Investors who apply for these loans through ZINC include real estate entrepreneurs who buy, rehab, and re-sell distressed properties. These investors use borrowed funds to quickly purchase houses before their competition, finance repairs, and sell purchased properties for a quick, significant profit. Real estate investors pay a premium to utilize ZINC's funds as they are more concerned with the speed and reliability of capital rather than the underlying costs. This is due to the short duration that investors use these borrowed funds.

By investing in trust deeds with ZINC Financial, you are not only making a wise investment that will benefit you for years to come, but also creating exciting new opportunities for well-groomed real estate entrepreneurs. As you can see, the entire process creates a true win-win relationship.

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Client Testimonials

  • "We were tired of the inconsistent earnings in the stock market, and we were worried about our principal. We started with just a few hundred thousand with ZINC, and now have invested millions over the past several years, all performing and yielding above 10.0% annually. Thanks Todd."

    Mark E.
    Business Owner
  • "Over the past 20 years I averaged less than 4% in other investments, with little or no security. Now I have a secured lien and enjoy earnings double my previous investments. I love this and want more."

    Craig B.
  • "I personally had rentals, until Todd showed me how I could earn twice the yield on my rentals by being the lender not the landlord. No more headache or weekend calls, I sold my rentals and have become a lender with ZINC. Too good to be true, nope I am doing it and you can you."

    Jacob S.
    Local Business Owner

ZINC Financial, Inc.
2014-2018 & VAMI Growth Since 2015

ZINC Trust Deeds Stocks CD's Corporate Bonds Treasury Real Estate Rentals
Yield 9-12% Varies 2-5% 1-3% 3-4% 1% 5-7%
Risk  Moderate Moderate-High Low Low Low Moderate-High
Security  1st position real estate 3-4th in line FDIC Only as good as the stock US Government 1st position real estate
Commissions  None Yes Yes Yes Sometimes Yes upon acquistion
Ease  Yes No Yes Sometimes Yes No
Liability  Very Limited Limited None Limited None Yes
Principle Protection Yes No Yes No Yes Sometimes

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