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ZINC is licensed by the Department of Corporations similar to large banks and financial institutions making it the smart choice for managing and underwriting your trust deed investments. Getting started with your investment in trust deeds is easier than you may think. Whether you are well-versed in the trust deed investing process or are asking yourself, "What are trust deeds?" the professionals at ZINC Financial can offer you the support, knowledge, and guidance that you'll need to be successful with secure, high-yield trust deed investments.

The principals at ZINC invest their own money every single day in the very trust deeds you will be investing in, creating a real alignment of interest in this opportunity.

Trust deed investing gives individuals the opportunity to become the lender. Banks and other financial institutions traditionally make a profit by offering loans to those in need and charging interest on their investment. With a trust deed, you essentially become the bank, putting your principal towards another person's real estate loan and receiving monthly interest payments until the loan matures. This secure form of investment allows you to enjoy the security of a collateral-backed investment along with high, steady yields.

Smart Trust Deed Investing Leads to Better ROI

Invest in Trust Deeds with ZINC Financial ZINC is a licensed lender, licensed by the Department of Business Oversight, which means it has similar licensing as large banks and financial institutions and is the smart choice for managing and underwriting your trust deed investments. When you partner with ZINC, the company's team of investment experts will do virtually all of the work for you, subject to your final approval.

ZINC works with borrowers who buy distressed properties, rehab them, and re-sell them for a profit. These investors are much more concerned with the availability and speed of capital than the underlying cost of the funds. These borrowers come to ZINC because they are looking for private money loans that they can access quickly and efficiently. Such borrowers are willing to pay a higher rate of interest than they would through a traditional bank because ZINC Financial is willing to back loans for properties which lack the strict collateral requirements set by institutions who sell their loans on the secondary market. Banks are governed at the federal level and are often barred from making loans on distressed assets. These restrictions have led to the creation of a real solid niche for ZINC.

ZINC Financial has established a strong record of exceptional lending. Our default rate is less than 1/4%, and our overall portfolio performance exceeds 99%. This is a result of a strong discipline towards underwriting both on the collateral and the borrower. ZINC's platform is specific as the company chooses to work only with borrowers and properties that its team of professional consultants deem secure. Decisions are made only after ZINC has performed thorough research and rigorous mathematical analysis on all loans.

Over the years, investors who have turned to ZINC Financial for loans have been immensely successful. To date, most borrowers report average profits between 30 and 35% after final disposition and sale of their properties. By providing loans to real estate entrepreneurs, you can invest in a win-win process that facilitates the generation of wealth for others while also securing your own financial future.

Getting Started is Easy

To begin, simply contact ZINC Financial by calling (559) 326-2509

. One of the company's professional team members will provide you with information on all current loan opportunities. You'll have the chance to choose the loan that interests you most and provide the principal for the entire loan or a portion of it. When funding a loan through ZINC, your investment will be backed by the security of a real estate trust deed, and you will begin receiving monthly payments of interest through the full term of the loan. Through this process you can see dividends on an average of 11 to 14% annually.

Few other investment opportunities have the same level of security combined with routinely high yields offered by trust deed investing. While all ventures have their risks, trust deed investments have one of the best ratios of security to yield.

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Client Testimonials

  • "We were tired of the inconsistent earnings in the stock market, and we were worried about our principal. We started with just a few hundred thousand with ZINC, and now have invested millions over the past several years, all performing and yielding above 10.0% annually. Thanks Todd."

    Mark E.
    Business Owner
  • "Over the past 20 years I averaged less than 4% in other investments, with little or no security. Now I have a secured lien and enjoy earnings double my previous investments. I love this and want more."

    Craig B.
  • "I personally had rentals, until Todd showed me how I could earn twice the yield on my rentals by being the lender not the landlord. No more headache or weekend calls, I sold my rentals and have become a lender with ZINC. Too good to be true, nope I am doing it and you can you."

    Jacob S.
    Local Business Owner

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