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Assurance for Your Trust Deed Investments

ZINC Financial seeks to provide investors with the highest level of service, reliability, and transparency possible. As a licensed lender authorized by the Department of Business Oversight, ZINC meets and exceeds the laws and regulations governing trust deed investments by providing its customers with the utmost assurance that their investments will be handled professionally. Additionally, ZINC maintains a fidelity bond and a crime policy with extensive limits affording appropriate protection for all parties.

The following is an overview of your rights and privileges as an investor in trust deeds with ZINC Financial:

Ethical Standards and Business Practices

ZINC Financial adheres to a high level of ethical standards. ZINC seeks to perform business-only lending within the confines of the law and with the best interests of all parties involved. The ZINC Financial business model was built upon a foundation of high moral focus and dedication to integrity, reliability, and service.

Investor Due Diligence

Individuals and companies who choose to fund trust deed investments through ZINC Financial are free to review the respective loan files, including borrower and property due diligence. Investors can perform their own due diligence on any ZINC loan before choosing to fund or not fund.Investors have the privilege to review information and materials contained within the loan file which includes but are not limited to the financial information of borrower, valuation information of the collateral including appraisals, all loan documents, and other information held by Zinc Financial, Inc. that the investor and Zinc Financial, Inc. deem to be relevant. ZINC is a licensed lender. As such, ZINC has proprietary access to research and data not offered to the public, including direct access to the I.R.S. and Social Security Administration.

Investors are free to perform their own due diligence without pressure from ZINC Financial, though the company cannot indefinitely delay the funding of a particular loan for the purpose of due diligence. In addition to review of loan materials, investors also have the opportunity to review the collateral of a given loan, namely the investment property. Investors can review the condition, value, marketability, and other valuation factors of the property before choosing to purchase any loan. When possible, investors may also perform an on-site inspection of the property.

Agreeable Loan Terms

ZINC Trust Deed Investing Assurance

Individuals interested in trust deed investing through ZINC Financial have the opportunity to choose the specific loan that they would like to fund. In accordance with this policy, investors may choose loans based upon their own investment criteria, including interest rate, loan-to-value, underwriting, funding conditions, restrictions, fees, and other appropriate loan criteria. ZINC Financial will work with investors to find trust deed investments that match their ideal terms and investment goals.

With regards to the service of any trust deeds purchased through ZINC, investors have the option to service the loan themselves, assign their own servicer or to have their loan serviced by ZINC Financial for a nominal servicing fee. Investors may also arrange to speak with the borrower directly if they so desire or may choose to remain anonymous and only work with the borrower through a third party intermediary.


Trust deed investments made through ZINC Financial are not guaranteed or insured. All investments have risks and ZINC Financial cannot guarantee that investments will yield dividends or have their full principal returned.

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Client Testimonials

  • "We were tired of the inconsistent earnings in the stock market, and we were worried about our principal. We started with just a few hundred thousand with ZINC, and now have invested millions over the past several years, all performing and yielding above 10.0% annually. Thanks Todd."

    Mark E.
    Business Owner
  • "Over the past 20 years I averaged less than 4% in other investments, with little or no security. Now I have a secured lien and enjoy earnings double my previous investments. I love this and want more."

    Craig B.
  • "I personally had rentals, until Todd showed me how I could earn twice the yield on my rentals by being the lender not the landlord. No more headache or weekend calls, I sold my rentals and have become a lender with ZINC. Too good to be true, nope I am doing it and you can you."

    Jacob S.
    Local Business Owner

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