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Trust Deed Investing

Trust deed investing through ZINC Financial is a smart and secure way to diversify your investment portfolio while increasing your monthly income and protecting your principal.

This may sound too good to be true, but trust deed investments are historically proven to be lower risk than investments in the stock market. Often trust deed investments can produce much higher yields than alternatives such as CD’s. With a built-in equity cushion and a significant down payment by the borrower, coupled with strong management by the professionals at ZINC, investing in trust deeds is one of the best paths to secure a better financial future for you and your family.

What Are Trust Deeds

Trust deeds are real estate-based investment opportunities. A first position lien vested in the investor’s own name, insured with an ALTA insurance policy, creates security not found in other investments. In the event of a default by the borrower, the investor may recoup their investment by obtaining title to the secured collateral and reselling it on the open market. After investing a principal amount upfront, clients can see annual returns of between 10 and 13% on their investments, all secured by a first position lien on the underlying collateral.

Trust deed investing is a secure way to grow your retirement account and/or your personal wealth at an exceptional rate of return.

Should You Consider Trust Deed Investing?

Happy Trust Deed Investor As part of a well-managed investment portfolio, trust deeds provide an excellent opportunity to diversify. While investment in stock offerings have the potential to yield a moderate return, trust deed investments allow smart investors to steadily build their wealth over time with significantly lower risks and fewer fluctuations than that of the stock market.

An investor who is 30 years old who puts $100,000 into trust deeds, reinvesting the principal and the interest, can grow his or her wealth to over $2+ million by the age of 65. This scenario assumes an average annual yield of 11% or more which is perfectly in-line with the expected rate of return for a ZINC originated trust deed investment. While every investment is different, most ZINC Financial clients see an annual yield of between 11 and 14%.

In conjunction with investments in stocks, bonds, and real estate, trust deed investing can balance out a portfolio and provide added security when the market is uncertain as well as regular supplemental income. If held through maturity, investments in trust deeds offer exceptional protection of principal and can reduce the volatility of your portfolio.

Added Benefits, Added Security

Trust deeds also offer a number of additional benefits. If you use an IRA retirement account to invest in trust deeds, the income that you generate off of your investments may be exempt from state and federal taxes. It may also be tax deferred. Speak to your tax advisor to learn more about the specific restrictions and opportunities of your retirement account.

Additionally, trust deeds purchased through ZINC Financial are commission free, and you will not be subjected to fees for your investments. The company simply requires a nominal servicing fee in exchange for servicing your loan portfolio. Trust deeds are also well protected through the security of the real estate market in California as well as an equity buffer that helps protect your interest and principal.

To learn more about the benefits and opportunities offered by trust deed investments, speak to a consultant at ZINC Financial today. ZINC can offer the experience and knowledge that you'll need to invest wisely in trust deeds. By partnering with ZINC, you will enjoy higher returns coupled with the safety of knowing your principal is secured by a first position lien you control.

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Client Testimonials

  • "We were tired of the inconsistent earnings in the stock market, and we were worried about our principal. We started with just a few hundred thousand with ZINC, and now have invested millions over the past several years, all performing and yielding above 10.0% annually. Thanks Todd."

    Mark E.
    Business Owner
  • "Over the past 20 years I averaged less than 4% in other investments, with little or no security. Now I have a secured lien and enjoy earnings double my previous investments. I love this and want more."

    Craig B.
  • "I personally had rentals, until Todd showed me how I could earn twice the yield on my rentals by being the lender not the landlord. No more headache or weekend calls, I sold my rentals and have become a lender with ZINC. Too good to be true, nope I am doing it and you can you."

    Jacob S.
    Local Business Owner

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