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  • Trust Deeds as Retirement Investments

Trust deed investments are a smart and effective way to save for your retirement.

Some investors worry that they won't be able to invest in trust deeds because their retirement funds are tied up in IRA or Roth IRA accounts. However, the I.R.S. allows use of such funds for investment in trust deeds without incurring any penalties.

Using funds from your IRA for trust deed investing is actually an ideal setup for many investors looking to save for the future because earnings accrued in IRA retirement accounts are frequently tax-deferred or in some cases tax-exempt from federal and state income taxes. Speak to your financial advisor before proceeding with trust deed retirement investments to fully understand your tax obligations. Then take the time to consult an experienced advisor at ZINC Financial to find out how you can make your money work for you with secure trust deed investments.

Enjoy High Rewards with Low Risk

Astute investors looking to save for their retirement frequently turn to ZINC Financial for financial opportunities that are low in risk and high in reward. By using the funds in your IRA to invest in trust deeds, you can choose the loan terms that suit your specific investment goals and enjoy the yields of a steady, high security venture. With trust deed investing, you can have the interest you earn deposited into your IRA account monthly while also being informed of new opportunities to re-invest your returns. This allows you to passively accrue interest year after year, compounding your return. You can also check the status of your investments through your ZINC Financial consultant or visit the investor section of ZINC's website. All information is available online and you will always have access to it with your secure login credentials.

Trust deed investments through ZINC Financial typically see annual returns of 11 to 14%. Returns in this range are significantly higher than you would earn with bank certificates of deposit and present much lower risk than investments in stocks. With a trust deed investment through your IRA account, you can steadily grow your retirement savings at an exceptional rate of return without posing a significant risk to your principal or financial future.

If an investor who is 30 years old puts $100,000 from their IRA account toward trust deed investments and reinvests the principal and interest at an annual return of 11%, that same investor will have well over $2 million in their retirement account by the age of 65. Customers of ZINC Financial routinely see annual returns of 11 to 14%, making the above scenario not only possible, but common.

Invest in Trust Deeds with your Retirement Fund

Every investment has its risks, but virtually no other type of investment possesses such an exceptional ratio of low risk coupled with a high return. Investing in trust deeds is one of the most astute ways to balance your portfolio with a secure investment that will reduce your portfolio's overall volatility while providing you and your family with monthly interest yields.

Trust deeds are offered at a fixed interest rate so investors see constant interest payments throughout the term of their loans. In addition, the security of trust deed investing is particularly high, especially when deeds are held to maturity.

Savvy investors understand that trust deeds are the best bet for conservative investing with above market rates of return. Call ZINC Financial today at (559) 326-2509 to learn how you can get started!

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