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ZINC Financial Trust Deed Investing Disclosure

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Offers and Recommendations

No information on this website is to be considered a recommendation or solicitation to acquire trust deeds from ZINC Financial or any other institution. ZINC Financial is not obligated to provide anyone with trust deed investing opportunities, nor will the company offer trust deeds to any person in any area where it would not be unlawful to do so. Trust deeds purchased through ZINC Financial may not be re-sold to the public under the securities laws of any foreign country or jurisdiction. Offers of investment will only be made to qualified persons upon their request.


Potential investors interested in trust deed investments shall not consider any information contained in this page or throughout this website as investment, tax, legal, or business advice. Investors should speak to their lawyers and or financial advisors before proceeding with any trust deed investments. ZINC Financial does not recommend that any investor purchase a trust deed without a complete understanding of their purchase and the liabilities associated with said purchase. Investors are expected to perform their own due diligence and assume the responsibilities and risks associated with financial investment. Any information provided to investors by ZINC Financial shall be accurate to the best knowledge of ZINC Financial, though investors are responsible for verifying loan, term, tax, and all other investment information independently.

No Guarantee of Returns

ZINC Financial concedes that all investments carry risks and, accordingly, does not guarantee financial returns on any investment made through ZINC. ZINC strives to minimize risks for investors but cannot ensure that investors will reclaim their principal or any interest on their investment. Investments made through ZINC Financial are not insured and all investments carry an element of risk. Potential investors should only purchase trust deeds if they have the financial ability to do so while also bearing the possible loss of the entire investment.

All information regarding previous investments and current investors located on this website is accurate to the best knowledge of ZINC Financial. Past successes are not to be construed as guarantees of future profitability.

Late Payments, Extended Term, and Default

Should the borrower make one or more late payments to the investor, late fees will be applied to help deter similar behavior in the future. Should the borrower require that the term of the loan be extended, the investor will remain tied to the deed and will continue receiving contracted interest amounts under the terms of the loan. Should the borrower default on his or her loan, ZINC will work with the investor to sell the property through a process of foreclosure and/or pursue all viable legal methods to obtain outstanding interest due to the investor.


ZINC Financial is licensed by the California Department of Corporations License Number 607-3431 and the California Department of Real Estate License Number 01742641. Mortgage broker fees will apply to any trust deed investments made through ZINC unless otherwise agreed upon. In accordance with state law, ZINC Financial acknowledges that interest and principal on trust deeds are not guaranteed.

Not every investor is suitable to invest in first position mortgages. You need either a net worth of $500,000 (exclusive of home, furnishings and automobiles) or income greater than $65,000 and a net worth of greater than $250,000 (exclusive of home, furnishings and automobiles).